Everything You NEED to Know About: Breakfast!

I used to wake up either starving if I slept in or couldn’t even look at food if I got up early. Either way I’d make myself a 3 course breakfast so I could start my metabolism ASAP. But you’re going to read why that’s not always the best idea and some of my fav recipes!

1. You woke up and feel like you haven’t seen food in days

Often times, you’re actually just dehydrated!

  • drink a huge glass of water 1st thing, this will help improve digestion, hydration, and hunger control
  • drink warm water & lemon before your meal health benefits here
  • eat a piece of fruit first when you’re hungry
    • fruit digests within 30 minutes, so you want to eat it before anything else enters your system so the nutrients get fully absorbed and doesn’t get trapped on top of bacon or eggs (which takes at least 4 hours to digest!) and putrefy.

2. You woke up at 6am and just the thought of eating makes you nauseous 

Wait until you’re actually hungry to eat!! Your body will tell you when it’s ready to eat

  • Break-Fast. It’s the meal that breaks your body’s fast- the only time it’s not spending all of its energy (requires most energy of any function) digesting food so it can be spent on maintenance that comes 2nd to digestion like detoxing, repairing muscles and building collagen for skin health.
  • Try giving yourself at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast for optimal health, so last meal at 8pm and breakfast after 8am
    • the longer you wait to have breakfast the more time your body has to detox and repair, so don’t force yourself to eat breakfast if you’re not hungry!
    • a tiny head start of your metabolism is insignificant compared to break-fasting

I used to eat 2 bowls of cereal, cream cheese with a side of bagel, and OJ every morning, and wonder why I was already opening my lunch by my first class in high school. As it turns out, I was setting myself up for a blood sugar disaster! These foods have a very high Glycemic Index (GI)

  • foods with a high GI cause a huge spike in your blood sugar, then crashes 1-2 hours later → body tells you you need to get your blood sugar up ASAP → crave sugary carby foods
    • AKA you’re not eating because you’re hungry, but because your blood sugar has crashed so you crave bad foods

Tips on how to avoid this vicious cycle:

  1. eat fibrous breakfasts like
    • smoothies (loaded up with superfoods fruit and greens, my fav!)
    • oatmeal- not instant! take the extra 5 minutes, or better yet steel cut oats it’s less processed (soak your portion the night before in water, makes it easier to digest and cooks in 1/2 time)
      • add fruit, cinnamon, nuts/nut butters, almond milk
    • chia seed pudding, an amazing little seed with benefits here and you can pinterest/google for great recipes
  2. Concentrate on proteins and fats like eggs and avocados that will keep you full and won’t cause cravings
  3. Practice conscious eating

Contrary to popular belief, breakfast should NOT be the biggest meal of the day. How can you have a good start when you’re weighed down with heavy, greasy, processed, sugary food?? Breakfast should be light and energizing- not energy zapping. You’ll also be more likely to make better choices throughout the day- like working out and passing up on that donut.

Now the fun part… my fav recipes!!

Tropical Chia seed pudding 

Quinoa breakfast bowl

Vanilla-orange overnight steel cut oats

Minty Lime Detox Smoothie

Huevos Rancheros **I  LOVE avocado with my eggs, add some salsa and I’m in heaven

Cherry Chocolate Shake ** I use my favorite healthy chocolate shake brand for this too! and they sell a huge bag of organic frozen cherries @ Costco

Delaney’s Super Smoothie Tips:

  • I use mostly frozen fruit, I buy in bulk from Costco
  • I always add whatever greens are in my fridge- romaine, spinach, kale, carrots, lemon, etc
  • frozen bananas are my secret ingredient- they give it a sweet and super creamy flavor
  • I sneak in superfoods like chia seeds, ground flax, coconut oil, hemp seeds, & ginger
  • I ALWAYS add my favorite super shake mix from Juice Plus, you can check it out here
  • I use whatever is in my fridge in the moment and get creative!
  • Take advantage of Pinterest

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