The Key to the perfect Valentine’s Day, or any hot date (college broke budget friendly!)

The Game Plan:

Instead of going out to eat at an overpriced restaurant and eating a meal that leaves you feeling stuffed and heavy, and definitely not romantic, try cooking something together! It’s okay to indulge once in a while, but at least you have the control over what you put into your body. Plus it’s so much fun! Play some music, light candles, drink a cheap bottle of wine in mason jars and enjoy each other’s company in the comfort of your own kitchen. Plus you save so much money that you can put towards doing something super fun together after! Just think simple, playful, and fun. A great date doesn’t need to break your bank or follow the standard dinner-and-a-movie itinerary 

Me and my man Eric had a ball making a delicious healthy dinner together. Spaghetti Squash with roasted veggies w/ a creamy garlicky lemon avocado sauce and caprese salad was on the menu for us and it was divine!! Plus it was fun watching Eric’s amazed reaction to noodles coming from a squash. We felt great and light so we walked around downtown Ann Arbor and used the money we would’ve spent towards going to a Comedy Club for the 1st time (we snuck in a great dark chocolate bar for dessert) I couldn’t have asked for a better night and at the end of the day we didn’t do too much damage on our wallets (or our bodies)!

IMG_2724 20140216-130745.jpg 20140216-130634.jpg

Here’s some delish secretly healthy dessert recipes that you and your boo thang can whip up together 🙂

Fudgy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies (V, GF, Flour Free, Sugar Free)

Honey Walnut Apple Crisp 

Dark Chocolate Walnut Pomegranate Clusters


Delaney xox

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