Lent Already?! How to Make These 40 Days Count!


Religious or not, this is THE perfect time to take advantage of what this time can do for you

At some point in the near future (fingers crossed for all my northeast people out there) nature is going to start transforming, out with the old snow, cold, white, and gray, and in with the new warmblossoming, colorful and green of spring! These aren’t just adjectives for nature, but for you too! You have something inside of you, that’s just waiting for a change, a shift to allow it to blossom! Make that change! What is keeping you from blossoming? What are your addictions? What do you depend on? Please put some thought into this. It doesn’t have to just be “I’m going to give up taco bell” or “chocolate”. There’s so much more to consider, like negative thoughts, not forgiving people, and complaining.


“Giving up” is a daunting, negative perspective, and may cause some to feel limited or restricted. Think of these next 40 days as “letting go” or “trading”. Trading that soda for water with a lime/lemon wedge, trading negative thoughts for a positive outlook, trading fast food for a fun delicious and healthy home cooked meal. Letting go of grudges. Things only have the amount of power you allow them to have.

Richard Branson says “the most successful people start something before they’re ready”

What are you not ready to give up? Chances are there will never really be a perfect time. So choose today, right now.

I can sit behind my macbook and talk the talk, but now it’s time for me to walk the walk!

So I’m gonna let you guys in on what I’m giving up for lent… and trust me, it’s not gonna be easy!

1. Complaining. It makes your problems seem worse than they really are to yourself, and nobody wants to hear that stuff, it’s just a downer all around.

2. SUGAR. Aka refined sugars, and all the junk that uses it, but I still have fruit and raw honey. I’ve been telling myself for months I’m going to give it up, then I cave at 2 am for a bowl of chocolate covered almonds (aka last night). I gave it up over the summer for health reasons and I’ve never felt better in my life. I didn’t even miss it once I cut it out- it really is 100% addicting!

3. Mindless eating. It doesn’t matter how stuffed I am, I was raised to always finish every bit on my plate and never waste a bite. At 20 years old I still can’t let a bite go, and I’m that guy finishing everyone else’s plates, despite being VERY uncomfortably full. This is gonna be a huge one for me, because mindful eating is one of the most crucial things I’ve seriously lacked the past 20 years.

That’s it. Those 3 things. I’m not trying to change everything all at once, that’s just setting myself up for failure and it’s small enough to be totally DOable. It’s gonna be hard to break these habits, and I don’t think I’m ready, but this is the perfect time to start. Now I have not only myself but all of you guys to hold me accountable too! Comment what you guys are struggling with to give up, and what you are going to give up for these next 40 days and I’ll hold you accountable too 🙂



3 thoughts on “Lent Already?! How to Make These 40 Days Count!

  1. I just want to say thanks so much for sharing this post! As I sit here contemplating what I thought I’d “give up” for Lent (the day before Ash Wednesday, no less), I realized that when I read your comment about “letting go”, that’s the mindset I need to have. I had thought about “letting go” of refined sugars simply because I find that I can get addicted to them very easily, as well as mindless eating because it’s been a struggle for me lately. I feel so much better after reading this post and the awesome quote from Richard Branson, and I feel confident that I can offer up the sugary junk and mindless eating for the next 40 days!

    Thanks again! 🙂

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    • I’m so happy this spoke to you Julia!! That’s so powerful that you are so aware of the language you say to yourself, and what your triggers are. I KNOW you can give up sugar/mindless eating/ anything else you’ve been holding onto. The hardest part is just to start, but after that the law of enertia makes it stick! “What’s in motion, stays in motion”


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