Spring Cleansing: How to Detox the RIGHT way

Detox. When I hear that word I think of some radical juice cleanse. But here’s the skinny, we all just got back from spring break, and yesterday was St. Patty’s Day, nuff said. I think a little detox is just what our bodies need right now, but probably not in the way you’re thinking. No straight lemonade for 5 days, or sitting in a sauna until you sweat your brains out. Those actually can be super not good for you. But here are some 100% totally doable  detox tips to help your bod out shed these massive toxins. Benefits of detoxing –> livestrong.com


Remember summer is just around the corner! Try these tips for 2 weeks and you’ll notice a huge difference, and everyone else will too!

  • Drink at least eight to 10 glasses of filtered water every day. Water helps flush our kidneys of built up toxins from our bodies. Get a cute BPA free waterbottle like a Camelbak or Contigo and sip that sucker down. Add fresh fruit, cucumber, mint, lemons, or limes for a super detox and flavor boost
  • Eliminate white flour and white sugar.. it’s not as hard as you think! Cravings will go away within a few days of going cold turkey. I promise there are still TONS of meal options
  • Eat 5-8 small meals every day of whole unprocessed foods like fruits veggies nuts and gluten-free grains (like brown rice, quinoa, millet, and steel-cut oatmeal). Not only does this detox but speeds up your metabolism too!
  •  Opt for fresh fruit vs juice, has a rediculous amount more of real nutrition and antioxidants vs juice which is chock full of sugar and empty calories
  • Unless you are a vegetarian, include small portions of animal proteins, eggs, and fish. Get organic, grass fed, and pastured as much as possible to avoid hormones, antibiotics, and get tons more omega 3s. Protein keeps you full and satisfied!! 
  • Swap coffee for tea, or even better lemon water! Lemon water first thing in the morning is THE BEST and EASIEST detoxifier, not to mention delicious too!
  •  limit alcohol, or try going 2 weeks without. I still go out and have fun, I just realized I don’t need alcohol to have a good time
  • If you suspect you might have food sensitivities, try eliminating wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy, yeast, soy and corn products, and see if you feel noticeably better after a few weeks.
  • Take a whole food supplement to give your body the most nutrition of what it really needs, not vitamin a but phytonutrients. The best I have ever found and will always recommend is Juice Plus capsules
  • exercise at least 5x a week, anything fun! Doesn’t have to be owning the elliptical or treadmill for hours. Zumba, yoga, dance class, pilates, basketball…anything that makes you sweat and gets you moving!


-RECAP: eat whole foods, drink a load of water, lemon water first thing, get your exercise on, cool it with the processed foods, sugar, flour, and caffeine, whole food supplement, don’t forget your protein and fats, say hello to fruits and veggies.


**Because of sugar and caffeine’s incredibly addictiveness, you might experience withdrawals, and the first few days can be really hard to cut cravings. This is your body really telling you it’s detoxing, it’s a good thing! But give it a week tops and you won’t even miss it! However do not ever ever ever do some crazy detox unless directed by a pro, you should never feel starved or sick. If you feel negative side affects your body is detoxing too quickly, it should be totally comfortable and gradual.



  1. lemons
  2. cucumber
  3. watermelon
  4. broccoli
  5. kale
  6. raw apple cider vinegar
  7. coconut oil
  8. avocados
  9. garlic
  10. onion
  11. cilantro

xox Love and Health,



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