Day 2 of my Summer Beach Bod Boot Camp!

Currently dripping in sweat after this INSANE workout, but I’ve got a super busy day and  20 mins was all I had to squeeze one in. So let’s get down to business!

I’ve combined the most effective moves in the most efficient way to maximize your results and give you an incredible workout in just 18 minutes! We all have 18 minutes, you don’t even need any equipment or a gym! Just a chair or stool, some pump up music, and motivation. This is day 2 of my HIIT Summer Beach Bod Boot Camp, go to my last post if this is your first visit so you can get the rundown. Make sure you’re properly fueled before, so eat a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit 20-30 minutes before, and eat something nutritious after with quality carbs and protein.



Warmup 5 minutes, 30 seconds each, 10 second rest

  • high knees
  • butt kickers
  • jumping jacks
  • skips
  • arm circles
  • leg kicks
  • lateral hops

Your Workout: 10 minutes 30 seconds

*breakdown- we are going to do each exercise for 45 seconds with NO rest in-between unless I say so! The key to this workout is going to be your breath, focus on deep controlled rhythmic breaths. Breathe into the tension and exhale it out… Set your timer and let’s get to work!!

Round 1

  • jumping jacks
  • wall sit
  • pushup
  • bicycles

15 second break

Round 2

  • step-up onto chairImage
  • squat (GET LOW!! make sure your knees don’t go over your toes + keep back flat and chest up)
  • tricep dips on chair (keep elbows under shoulders)
  • plank

15 second break!

Round 3

  • burpee (jump when you come up)
  • lunge (back knee almost touching ground, hips straight forward, weight in front heel)
  • Imagepush-up to rotation alternating arms (when come up make T, raising 1 arm to the sky and using abs to turn body)
  • Imageside plank
  • side plank other side

WOOOOO, you’re finished!! Now just stretch out that hot bod and you’re done



30 seconds each pose, feel free to stretch longer into your abs and arms too!


🙂 Congrats! You’re 1 step in the right direction. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s workout, I promise it’s gonna be another super good one!!!



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