How to live an incredibly exciting and fulfilling life in a matter of 2 seconds

Have you guys seen that Jim Carey movie “Yes Man”? 
I think he was on to something…

Until this weekend I forgot my fav phrase by one of my fav mentors, Gabby Bernstein

“Just effing do it”

Nike has the right idea, but it doesn´t have enough “oomph” to provoke any action. But when you add a little spice, like effing, fricking, or just going all the way to the F bomb if you need it, boom. You´ve got a weapon of mass excitement.


What this simple phrase will do in 2 seconds:

I don´t know about you, but it doesn´t take much for me to talk myself out of doing something uncomfortable or out of my norm. From ordering an intriguingly exotic sounding hot dog (like Dog Central´s famous Goober dog @ CMU, dressed in fritos, peanut butter, pickles, and chillies- delish) to quitting the job you hate and starting the biz you´ve always dreamed of.

I could easily justify getting a plain ol chilli dog, or staying in my passionless career with the comfortable security of knowing exactly what will happen day after day.

BUT where´s the fun in that?? If you don´t get out of your own way life won´t be nearly as memorable, exciting, and adventurous.

Corny as hell I know, but if you weren´t guaranteed tomorrow, would you order a chilli dog? Work the job you don´t give a rip for? Waste the day watching TV? Ignore your family and friends and sulk alone? Sleep in your bed vs grabbing your kids/friends/partner and go for a spontaneous camping trip? When given the opportunity, times 9/10 you can radically change your mindset and life by telling yourself “Just Effing Do It“. It´s insanely simple, yet insanely empowering.

Just try it for 1 day and I promise you´ll be so so glad you did.

This weekend in Switzerland I could´ve met up with a friend, had dinner, called it a night and we go our separate ways home. It´d be nice, but certainly nothing memorable. But by saying “just effing do it” at every opportunity, those plans turned into the most incredible, memorable, and fun 2 days I´ll never forget and I made a life long friendship.

By repeating this phrase, you truly have no idea where you can end up tomorrow. It´s exciting, and has personally led me to untapped happiness and fulfillment I thought was only for those who have it all. I´m telling you no medicine, drug, therapist, shopping spree, or whatever is more effective than the happiness you achieve from living a fulfilling life.

You have to get lost in order to find yourself, and that´s when the real journey to happiness starts. 

So don´t fear ANYTHING, I mean of course use your heads, but fear is nothing but fear itself. I´ll leave you with a quote from another mentor of mine Phil Drolet

“reject nothing, embrace everything”


OK social experiment starting NOW, remind yourself when faced with an opportunity (within reason) “just effing do it” for a day and let me know what you experience!!

In Love Health and Happiness,




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