WCW: The 3 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes That’ll Make Your Family RAVE

Thanksgiving is a great reminder to fill yourself up with GRATITUDE, acknowledging the goodness in your lives. Experts agree that cultivating gratitude daily in your life can lead to a  mental health, boost happiness, and creates a sense of abundance vs lack. I know since I’ve made focusing on all that I’m thankful for a daily priority, to say it’s turned my life around is an understatement. It’s so easy to focus on what you lack but unfortunately where your focus goes, your reality goes. But on the flip-side, when I’m diligently focusing on practicing gratitude I am incredibly happy, truly happy, have fallen in love with my life, family, career and self (far from where I started!), have attracted the right people in my life, strengthened my relationship with my family and God, and am surrounded by ABUNDANCE! Don’t believe me? I know, how does something so corny and simple have such a profound effect, but honestly you just have to try it for yourself,

so I challenge you: focus all day not only around the dinner table tomorrow, but everyday this week to focus on gratitude and see what it does in your life!

Easy ways to cultivate gratitude EVERYDAY

  • write a thank you note
  • pray
  • mediate
  • journal

now that I’ve shared that… I give you the top 3 HEALTHY THANKSGIVING RECIPES that will make your family RAVE!! I don’t know about you guys, but I have 3 dinners tomorrow, so I’m going to give my poor body a chance to not explode with sugar, MSG, salt, gluten, chemicals, toxins, and what-not because we all know Uncle Ray’s bringing the stuffing from a bag, and that Wal-Mart Pumpkin Pie very well may not even contain pumpkin. So let’s treat ourselves and our families to delicious, nourishing, and HOME MADE dishes that won’t put us into food coma!

1. Brussels Sprout Pecan Cranberry Salad


College kid approved! I make this dish for my sorority Thanksgiving every year- upon request! Mind you these are 80 girls who have never had a brussels sprout… and never intend on eating one, but they LOVE it! Cranberries are super detoxifiers, brussels sprouts are nutrient powerhouses high in fiber to help fill you up- and when made right are DELICIOUS!

*I swapped the cheese for goat cheese, feta works too! I personally didn’t add barley, double recipe to feed 8-10


2. Cornbread Stuffing

IMG_2410Southern Style Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

(vegan & gluten free options, no refined sugar)

I LOVE cornbread, and I LOVE stuffing. But I don’t love all the nasty gunk in packaged stuffing, it’s not just dried bread and herbs as we’d like to think:

High Fructose Corn Syrup (GMO refined, blood spiking sugar), Partially Hydrogenated Oil (transfat) and Preservatives (inflammatories)! Yuck!

It doesn’t take a pro chef to make this home made stuffing, and if you’re in a pinch you can even purchase pre-made cornbread from your local health market! Or just sub with a loaf of high quality sourdough bread. Not to mention it’s DELISH and made with wholesome real food!!

 3. Healthy Pumpkin Pie


(vegan and GF option, low sugar)

And what’s Thanksgiving without the Pumpkin Pie?!?

I’m a total sucker for pumpkin pie, but I’m not a fan of the sugar-loaded, hormone and junk filled evaporated milk. I absolutely love this recipe from FoodBabe, the coconut milk adds a hint of sweetness without added sugar and I use coconut sugar for its added nutrients and little effect on blood sugar (white sugar=huge spikes=cravings, fat storage, and a whole slew of issues)


Show your family some love by sharing 1 or all 3 of these recipes at the dinner table this week, I know mine can’t wait! Have a very happy holidays, and let me know how these recipes and your gratitude challenge worked out for YOU!

In health and happiness,

Delaney ❤


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