You do this 20,000 times/day WRONG, and it’s mega impact on your health

Did you guys know that you could very likely be BREATHING WRONG?! and this is holding back your most vital things like workouts, focus, digestion, pain, weight loss, and detoxifying.

Learn these super simple super effective tricks on how to properly breathe right to improve mental clarity, digestion, focus, athletic performance and recovery, and detoxify your body.

Typically we don’t think of breathing since it’s automatic, BUT if you don’t you should start since healthy breathing patterns are how your body maintains a high metabolism and delivers oxygen to your muscles, brain and tissues.


Facts you’ll be glad you knew:

  • watch your chest when you breathe. 95% of you will see your chest moving(shallow breathing with your chest). most people breathe like this and being able to identify it is now going to let you make a simple fix to drastically improve your health. Goal: breathe with your diaphragm/belly
  • A shocking 70% of toxins excrete via our exhale breath– so make them count! it’s more effective than any sweat sesh or expensive (gross) detox
  • Focusing on breathing calms the central nervous system=relaxes us. We could be eating the healthiest salad in the world, but if we’re stressed, it does us no good because our bodies can’t digest or absorb nutrients properly.
    • TIP-Focus on your breathing when you eat and be present. Enjoy the food in your mouth vs focusing on that next bite, be aware and present, and chew well. Take a deep breath between bites, and notice when you’re full.
  • WORKOUT TIPS: Exhale during the exertion via mouth, inhale during reset via nose. Focusing on deep abdominal breathing in this way will reduce recovery time between sets, allow you to push harder & add more weights. 
  • Take 10 deep breaths before any exam, interview, or big game. Deep breathing is the core of yoga and meditation, so the fact that it helps us focus on our homework, exam, workouts or whatever is undeniable, just see for yourself!
  • Helps relieve pain, release emotions, tension, increases muscle, improves posture, strengthens your immune system, improves blood quality by releasing all the CO2, increases digestion, strengthens lungs and heart, helps control weight (if overweight extra 0 burns excess fat better, if underweight feeds starving tissues and glands), improve energy and stamina and cellular regeneration, massages organs… YES ALL FROM CORRECT BREATHING!! If this thing were sold in the markets I’d be a millionaire and you all would buy it, so why not take advantage of what your body is capable of all on its own??

6 signs you’re not breathing properly

  1. you’re breathing with your mouth (unless you’re stuffed up of course)
  2. your rib cage doesn’t expand- go on! hug yourself to find out
  3. your upper neck chest and shoulders are tight/carry a lot of tension
  4. you yawn a lot
  5. you take a lot of breaths per minute, should be about 10/minute
  6. you slouch forward=you’re not activating your diaphragm
  7. easily breathless when you exercise

6 ways to breath correctly 

  1. Breath deep and slow when you eat,
  2. contract your abs when you breathe
  3. limit shoulder movement- keep them down!
  4. put your hand on your belly to really feel your breaths coming up and pushing out
  5. focus on it! Soon enough it will become a rhythm your body will follow naturally. Breath in via nose for 4 counts and exhale via mouth 4 counts, and imagine your belly filling with air, and using using your abs to push it all out.


Personally, when I started to pay more attention to my breathing, I noticed I was usually stressed, unfocused, agitated, and emotionally eating when I was “shallowly chest breathing”. Then I started to practice deep breathing and I can’t believe how much more relaxed and aware I become instantly. I especially watch it when I’m eating so I digest my food properly and stop when I’m full, am about to give a big presentation/go into an intimidating situation to relax and clear my mind, and when I’m working out so my body can get the most out of my efforts and I can push longer and harder.

Take advantage of this totally NATURAL and FREE life boost!!

xox Love and Health


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