Friday Favorites: Ultimate Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

I just realized Christmas is 2 weeks away… and had a mini heart attack. I’m so behind on all of my Christmas shopping!!! So many gifts… so little time. But worry not! Because today I’m going to give you the ultimate healthy gift guide- sure to please everyone on your list!

Laney’s Ultimate Healthy Holidays Gift Guide!


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  1. Skin Brush EVERYONE should own this mighty little brush! I love my leggings, but I hate the pesky little bumps they give my legs from wearing them everyday. Not only does dry brushing prevent them, but it’s an age old routine for detoxing, stimulating your lymphatic system, increasing circulation, exfoliating, & reducing cellulite! I use mine 3x a week just before showering and the results are incredible!
  2. Silk Pillow Cases This one’s def on my list, sleeping on a silk pillow case brings a whole new meaning to “beauty sleep“. Research shows silk is anti-aging (thanks to amino acids and proteins) leading to less lines and wrinkles, keeps your skin better moisturized because silk doesn’t absorb oils from your face like cotton does, and is much more gentle on your hair, cotton creates a lot of friction, split ends, and breakage while you sleep- no more bed head!
  3. Superfoods I’ll bet your friends and family have never tasted a goji-berry before, or put chia seeds in their smoothies! I love introducing my friends to the world’s most powerful foods. Did you know goji-berries are known as the “fountain of youth” and are the most nutritional dense fruit on earth?? They’re great in a home made trail-mix or smoothies for a boost!
  4. Healthy Cookbooks Sharing is caring, and in this case… sharing is saving! I’ll bet most of your friends want to eat healthier, but don’t know where to start! I love “Oh She Glows” recipes personally! They’re easy, GF, plant based, and delish! But there are so many beautiful cookbooks out there, treat your friends and family to one you think they’ll love!
  5. Journal I’m proud to say I actually kept a New Years Resolution in 2014. I have journaled consistently every week! And I can confidently say it has single-handedly changed my life. I’ve never learned more about myself, overcome more problems, cultivated more gratitude, or preserved so many precious memories! And it all started with a journal someone gifted me for Christmas. I personally love TJ Maxx’s selection, they’re SO cute and cheap! *TIP: Make it personal by writing a little note on the first page before you gift it 🙂
  6. Healthy Mason Jar Treats There are so many wonderful recipes and ideas! Who says stockings are just for candy?? Make it much more personal, thoughtful, and nourishing with these cute yummy jars! I’ll definitely be gifting these Fruit-in-Nut Bars in a Jar– so simple and they will be a lot more appreciated than a box of candy they can get anywhere.
  7. Yoga/Exercise classes. Something new and fun to do together, I love the idea of getting myself and a friend kickboxing classes- how fun!! Girls nights don’t always have to be ice cream and movies (although they certainly have their place). Groupon always has steals for all sorts of local fun classes to make you sweat and have fun 😉 –would make a fab date too!!
  8. Whole Food Based Shake– These have single-handedly been my biggest weapon in my own health, as well as my friends and family’s! There’s soo many protein shakes out there… most of them ultra processed, full of chemicals and toxins, and use isolated protein sourcesthe worst of the worst you could put in your body! I start each and everyday with a whole food based smoothie- filled with plant based protein, low in sugar and has 24 REAL produce & none of the junk– superfoods like pomegranate, sprouts, and spirulina. All organic, GMO free, and tastes like a dang milkshake! Keeps me full for hours and gives me all the energy on the go I need to tackle my day, all for less than a cup of Starbucks! My favorite combo is frozen banana, almond butter, spinach and the chocolate powder! YUM!! I don’t know anyone who uses them who hasn’t lost weight, lost cravings, and gained energy!

What’s better than the gift of health?!

Happy Holidays Everyone, & let me know if you found any of these gift ideas helpful!

In Happiness and Health,

Delaney ❤

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