Guest Writer: Olympic Style Weightlifter Bella shares the KEY to finding true joy and conquering anything

The art of specializing.

There is a special feeling you get when you find something that seems to encompass all of your passions and clicks with your personality.

While deeply enthralled in the sport and spirit of CrossFit, I fell in love with Olympic Style Weightlifting. It’s been almost eight months now of strict weightlifting training after fussing over whether or not I wanted to stop CrossFitting and running and just specialize in the two-movement sport of weightlifting.

Personally, I have never been good at dabbling in things. If I’m doing it, I’m 100% in and I eat, sleep, breathe, talk, and live it. That made the decision to stop all other training styles and work on only weightlifting extremely hard because I pretty much oblige to sell my soul to whatever I want to do. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing…but at least I found relatively healthy obsessions…right?

Through the sport of weightlifting I have been able to tackle issues in my personality and conquer fears because the sport is so physically intense, but also extremely mentally intense. What you think, you experience. I will compare it to endurance running (which I was obsessed with a few years back) and most any other endurance sports in the way that while exercising, self-talk can be the biggest friend or enemy. With running there is so much time of silent refuge inside the mind, which I took as time to getting to know myself and working out the kinks in what I liked and didn’t like. The mind is either a jail cell or a space-ship launch pad….I’ve experienced both and prefer to roam the stars!


It was after I conquered a full-marathon with my mother that I thought I had it all figured out, but CrossFit was humbling and so is weightlifting every single day I train it. I’ve learned to not take myself so seriously in whatever I attempt, and that has honestly made all the difference with my confidence, technical and physical improvements, and personal happiness! I take myself for what I am and what I have, trust the process of good programming, and simply embrace the sport, people, and challenge of working at something every. single. day. The rest is just perks and reinforcement.

Every time I step up to a barbell I am challenged to turn off my brain and release all self-doubt, leaving only positivity, possibility, and confidence. Not every day is the same; in fact, every day is completely different from every other. All sorts of variables play a role in achievement and overcoming obstacles and there are no perfect circumstances. I’ve learned to embrace the imperfections and control what I can, which is making the decision to either do or to not do. If I’m putting in the work inside and outside the gym, the way is being built, but I do not know the perfect path.

Setting goals is the best way to achieve anything.

That sounds like common knowledge… but for example by thinking only aesthetically there is a lack of purpose and a drought of meaning.

The reason I started running was because I wanted to look strong (I know, it’s completely backwards), but if I had only set out to look a certain way I would have never fallen in love with the sport and sport of sports! Eventually I ran because it made me happy and started working towards achieving goals such as races or mile-times. A fit body is a consequence of hard work and management.

The same goes for any other type of sport or passion, with hard work and a love of work, there are no reins on what can be achieved.


What is Olympic Style Weightlifting?

In competition order: snatch and then clean and jerk. Scoring is based off of weight class and weight lifted.

Snatch: (freakishly amazing guy weightlifter)

Clean and Jerk: (my all-time favorite woman weightlifter)

For fun:



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