Tip #3: The Not-So-Sweet Truth That’s Sabotaging Your #BeachBod

There’s nothing sweet about what sugar does to your body.

And I’m talking all forms! Corn syrup, brown sugar, soda, cookies, but even bread, bagels, fruit juice, crackers, flavored yogurt, and store-bought tomato sauce too!

Sugar is hiding in 75% of packaged foods! I don’t blame the food industry, it makes you chemically addicted to buying their foods over and over again.

There’s no doubt about it, sugar is a toxin and is poison. 

Here are 4 reasons to DITCH sugar now!

  1. Sugar raises insulin levels → Deposits what’s on your fork into fat cells. Nuff said.
  2. Tricks brain into thinking your starving → Can’t stop putting Oreos in your mouth, you’re never satisfied!
  3. Chemically (in your brain) 8x more addicting than cocaine → makes you crave it and want more and more of it, without even realizing!
  4. Sugar is the root of systemic inflammation → sickness, disease, cancer, & blood pressure… 80% of which is caused by diet and lifestyle!

soo BASICALLY sugar biochemically sets you up to eat more, burn less, and gain weight.

It is THE leading cause of obesity! Convinced yet?

P.S… fake sugar is EVEN WORSE- aka diet sodas, splenda, “sugar-free” sweets. Research proved it caused 60% more weight gain! yikes!!

So What Can YOU DO?!

  • read all ingredient labels
  • cook meals from scratch
  • use xylitol, RAW honey/maple syrup, or stevia to sweeten
  • when it comes to fruit, stick to berries, apples, and citrus fruits and try to eat only in the morning, like in my breakfast recommendations from Tip #2!

When I completely cut sugar out for 2 months, I couldn’t believe how radically different my body was after just 2 weeks. That little pudge over my belly literally melted off, and I couldn’t even exercise at the time! My energy was off the walls, my skin cleared up, I was thinking clearer than ever, and I felt amazing!! Yes, it was hard at 1st, after all we are chemically addicted, but after a week you will lose all desire and cravings… I swear! I don’t even feel like I’m missing out, and my taste buds have changed too. 

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU TO GET YOUR BEST #BEACHBOD, completely cut out sugar for at least 2 weeks. Or at least cut down, you will notice a HUGE difference, I promise!





Tune back in tomorrow for tip #4, it’s gonna be your new best friend!

In Health and Happiness,

Delaney ❤


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