Lent Already?! How to Make These 40 Days Count!

revisiting this gem from last year, man did I need this!

Laney´s Lowdown


Religious or not, this is THE perfect time to take advantage of what this time can do for you

At some point in the near future (fingers crossed for all my northeast people out there) nature is going to start transforming, out with the old snow, cold, white, and gray, and in with the new warmblossoming, colorful and green of spring! These aren’t just adjectives for nature, but for you too! You have something inside of you, that’s just waiting for a change, a shift to allow it to blossom! Make that change! What is keeping you from blossoming? What are your addictions? What do you depend on? Please put some thought into this. It doesn’t have to just be “I’m going to give up taco bell” or “chocolate”. There’s so much more to consider, like negative thoughts, not forgiving people, and complaining.



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