Tip #6: This Simple Tool Has Forever Changed how I Eat… Fo FREE!

“I should start eating healthier”

“I should give up junk food for lent!”

Sound familiar to any of you? You know you should, you want to… but it just doesn’t happen, or stick at least.

I call it “shoulding all over yourself”. Unfortunately, that won’t get you anywhere- you have to take action! I totally get it, because I’ve been there! I say adios to junk food.. then I’m rushing, frantically opening my fridge 10x waiting for something healthy to appear, give up, and cave for a bagel or some other junk from campus… Repeat vicious cycle.

I was ALWAYS snacking, so I was never hungry enough for that healthy meal, but could def fit in another round of chips y salsa. I realized how time consuming it is to snack all day- not to mention expensive, unhealthy, high-cal & unsatisfying.  I would have all these grand recipes and spend copious amounts time beefing up my Pinterest “Yummy” board (it’s linked so feel free to browse!), but my plans to eat healthy would get sabotaged by snacks, pizza out of depravation, and my ultimate downfall… late night ravaging.

BUT THEN…I had a light-bulb moment that changed everything

It doesn’t matter if that bar, chips, or trail mix is so-called “healthy” if you’re not eating REAL food. But when we get really busy or lazy, sometimes that’s all we can think of to make!

So here’s my epiphany~

If I literally plan out each meal that I’ll eat for the week, I have no excuses for not knowing what to eat, so I won’t grab that bagel, bar, chips, or whatever!

I know… that’s almost too easy! But honestly… I’ve been on a journey of nutrish and delish eating for a few years now, read 1000s of articles, 10s of books, hours of interviews, and this has been the single most effective thing I’ve ever used, a weekly meal plan! And it’s fo FREE! GENIUS!!!

Once a week I sit down, surf my cookbooks and pinterest, see what I need to use up in my pantry, and create a bfast lunch and dinner plan for the week + a shopping list to match! I created a cute template via Microsoft Word.

Say goodbye to

  • wasting food, you buy only what you need!
  • wasting MONEY$$
  • not knowing what to make
    • →settle for processed junk, then feel like junk
    • get down on yourself
  • feeling like you’re always hungry bc you’re not eating real food
  • having no real food on hand to eat
  • not sticking to your healthy lifestyle goals
  • caving to unplanned Tbell and pizza

I’ve been doing this for 2 months now and my results have been insane, AND I don’t late night ravage anymore, HOLLA!! 

Here’s what my meal plan looks like this week:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.56.56 PM


Here’s also a PDF you can print/laminate and use! weeklymealplanner

And since I’ve gotten so many requests, soon I’ll be creating a meal plan that’ll be up for sale!!

So I challenge you, turn your shoulds to DIDs THIS WEEK! Sit down and make a meal plan for yourself. It WILL be your game changer.

If you want change, you have to change something. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, this is as easy and effective as it gets!

In Happiness and Health

Delaney ❤



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