Make Way for this DELISH Refreshing Summer Salad

Looking for a healthy simple cheap recipe that will WOW your friends and family?! 

MOVE OVER CHIPS ‘N DIP- Make way for the most delicious summer salad that is sure to be a hit!! Sweet, salty, hydrating, refreshing, and so simple to make!

I highly suggest making it for memorial day BBQs today, you will be forever invited to every party thereafter.

Watermelon Cucumber Mint Salad

watermelon cuc salad

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Tip #6: This Simple Tool Has Forever Changed how I Eat… Fo FREE!

“I should start eating healthier”

“I should give up junk food for lent!”

Sound familiar to any of you? You know you should, you want to… but it just doesn’t happen, or stick at least.

I call it “shoulding all over yourself”. Unfortunately, that won’t get you anywhere- you have to take action! I totally get it, because I’ve been there! I say adios to junk food.. then I’m rushing, frantically opening my fridge 10x waiting for something healthy to appear, give up, and cave for a bagel or some other junk from campus… Repeat vicious cycle.

I was ALWAYS snacking, so I was never hungry enough for that healthy meal, but could def fit in another round of chips y salsa. I realized how time consuming it is to snack all day- not to mention expensive, unhealthy, high-cal & unsatisfying.  I would have all these grand recipes and spend copious amounts time beefing up my Pinterest “Yummy” board (it’s linked so feel free to browse!), but my plans to eat healthy would get sabotaged by snacks, pizza out of depravation, and my ultimate downfall… late night ravaging.

BUT THEN…I had a light-bulb moment that changed everything

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Lent Already?! How to Make These 40 Days Count!

revisiting this gem from last year, man did I need this!

Laney´s Lowdown


Religious or not, this is THE perfect time to take advantage of what this time can do for you

At some point in the near future (fingers crossed for all my northeast people out there) nature is going to start transforming, out with the old snow, cold, white, and gray, and in with the new warmblossoming, colorful and green of spring! These aren’t just adjectives for nature, but for you too! You have something inside of you, that’s just waiting for a change, a shift to allow it to blossom! Make that change! What is keeping you from blossoming? What are your addictions? What do you depend on? Please put some thought into this. It doesn’t have to just be “I’m going to give up taco bell” or “chocolate”. There’s so much more to consider, like negative thoughts, not forgiving people, and complaining.



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Tip #4: The Exercise 8th Wonder of the World You’re Missing Out On to get your #BeachBod

HIIT Workouts truly are the 8th wonder of the world!

AKA High Intensity Interval Training is proven to be the most efficient exercise method allowing you to:

  • burn 2x as much in 1/2 the time
  • highest % of body fat burned
  • build lean muscle faster
  • boosts your metabolism for rest of day= burn more cals up to 48 hours after!

“Hold up, are you really telling me I can work out in half the time and burn twice as much?”

-Yes. Yes I really am.

cropped-img_0437.png← GET OUT THERE AND HIIT THE PAVEMENT!

If you’re not taking advantage of HIITs yet…

HERE’S HOW You Can Sculpt YOUR Dream Body!

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Tip #3: The Not-So-Sweet Truth That’s Sabotaging Your #BeachBod

There’s nothing sweet about what sugar does to your body.

And I’m talking all forms! Corn syrup, brown sugar, soda, cookies, but even bread, bagels, fruit juice, crackers, flavored yogurt, and store-bought tomato sauce too!

Sugar is hiding in 75% of packaged foods! I don’t blame the food industry, it makes you chemically addicted to buying their foods over and over again.

There’s no doubt about it, sugar is a toxin and is poison. 

Here are 4 reasons to DITCH sugar now!

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Tip #2: A #BeachBod Breakfast MUST!!!

For all you trying to rock a bikini for SB’15, or just want to look and feel fantastic, this tip is an absolute MUST!!!


Thou breakfast shalt be high in protein, fiber & healthy fat, and low in sugar!

  • AKA chuck the cereal and bagel
  • Fiber, protein, and healthy fats are the three beach bod amigos. They…
    • keep you full MUCH MUCH longer so you don’t munch
    • keep your cravings in check so you make better choices
    • boost your metabolism
    • boost your brain so you can focus better
    • will be satisfied with less food
    • eat when you’re hungry, and until you’re full, AFTER your lemon water from tip #1
      • don’t stuff yourself leaving you sluggish, and don’t skimp out leaving you hangry and vulnerable to munch on processed sugary snacks. Just listen to your body!

♦Chia and flax seeds, coconut oil, nuts and nut butters, steel cut oatmeal, low-fat (NOT NON) plain greek yogurt, berries and apples, avocados, and eggs are all superstar breakfast ingredients!

**Laney’s fav superstar breakfasts:

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