So Excited to Kick off my #BeachBodSeries Series!! TIP #1

Wanna know my ultimate SECRET I start EVERY DAY with??
🔹detoxes liver and body
🔹⬆️metabolism + ⬇️fat
🔹⬆️immune system
🔹alkalizes body
Squeeze 1/2 – 1 lemon in a big glass of water (warm is best) and you’ll notice a HUGE difference! 🍋 I LOVE love love this little morning routine, plus it’s delicious!


Guest Writer: Olympic Style Weightlifter Bella shares the KEY to finding true joy and conquering anything

The art of specializing.

There is a special feeling you get when you find something that seems to encompass all of your passions and clicks with your personality.

While deeply enthralled in the sport and spirit of CrossFit, I fell in love with Olympic Style Weightlifting. It’s been almost eight months now of strict weightlifting training after fussing over whether or not I wanted to stop CrossFitting and running and just specialize in the two-movement sport of weightlifting.

Personally, I have never been good at dabbling in things. If I’m doing it, I’m 100% in and I eat, sleep, breathe, talk, and live it. That made the decision to stop all other training styles and work on only weightlifting extremely hard because I pretty much oblige to sell my soul to whatever I want to do. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing…but at least I found relatively healthy obsessions…right?

Through the sport of weightlifting I have been able to tackle issues in my personality and conquer fears because the sport is so physically intense, but also extremely mentally intense. What you think, you experience. I will compare it to endurance running (which I was obsessed with a few years back) and most any other endurance sports in the way that while exercising, self-talk can be the biggest friend or enemy. With running there is so much time of silent refuge inside the mind, which I took as time to getting to know myself and working out the kinks in what I liked and didn’t like. The mind is either a jail cell or a space-ship launch pad….I’ve experienced both and prefer to roam the stars!


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Punch your exams in the face with this BRAIN & ENERGY BOOSTING Smoothie

If you’re in college right now, I’m sure you can relate to the sleep-deprived, energy-less, messy bun, sweatpants, baby powdered hair struggle bus we’re all riding while smack-dab in the middle of finals.

But give your ENERGY and your BRAIN a boost with this ultra brain boosting smoothie!! Not to mention it’ll bring you 1 step closer to Candice’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show’s bod article-2506960-1965E83B00000578-230_634x945…not all the way but hey it’s a step in the right direction right?

Each ingredient was specifically chosen for their antioxidant, beautifying, energy, fat burning, and brain boosting properties, but I’ll spare you the science so you can get back to your studies… just trust me on this one 😉

It tastes so dang good, takes 5 minutes to whip up, and you can throw it in a cup and sip at the library! So forget the cheerios, which might hold you over for 20 minutes before you’re searching your fridge again, and they sure as heck aren’t going to give you the energy and focus you need. This super smoothie will hold you over for hours and is LOADED with nutrients that will keep you nourished, energized, and focused!

BRAIN & ENERGY Boosting Smoothie

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Forget Study Guides, Fuel your Brain with THIS Super Meal- 3 mins, 3 ingredients!

With finals and group projects coming from all directions, I know I’m not the only one pressed for time! But now more than ever we need to be fueling ourselves with good brain food so we can focus, have energy, & thrive! So here’s a super quick meal you can whip up in 3 minutes that will keep you going, whether you’re a college student like me, or a busy mom! It’s one of my absolute favorites, and only requires 3 simple ingredients you surely have on hand! This dish is BLOWING UP in big cities all over America, I saw it everywhere in NYC, and no wonder since it’s full of one of the world’s best super-foods!

Avo-smash Toast


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WCW: The 3 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes That’ll Make Your Family RAVE

Thanksgiving is a great reminder to fill yourself up with GRATITUDE, acknowledging the goodness in your lives. Experts agree that cultivating gratitude daily in your life can lead to a  mental health, boost happiness, and creates a sense of abundance vs lack. I know since I’ve made focusing on all that I’m thankful for a daily priority, to say it’s turned my life around is an understatement. It’s so easy to focus on what you lack but unfortunately where your focus goes, your reality goes. But on the flip-side, when I’m diligently focusing on practicing gratitude I am incredibly happy, truly happy, have fallen in love with my life, family, career and self (far from where I started!), have attracted the right people in my life, strengthened my relationship with my family and God, and am surrounded by ABUNDANCE! Don’t believe me? I know, how does something so corny and simple have such a profound effect, but honestly you just have to try it for yourself, Continue reading

2 FREE films that will teach you everything you need to know about health

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to such sensitive, confusing, and crucial topics such as nutrition and well-being. I love films and short videos that are packed with information that is not only super interesting, but 100% relevant and impact us personally… impact YOU.

I watched 2 videos recently that completely rocked my world, and I learned SO much about nutrition and how to have a truly healthy happy body, better than any Netflix movie, I seriously was on the edge of my seat! If you want to know about how to have endless energy, look and feel incredible, lose weight, and stop being sick, THIS is your answer! So pop some popcorn and tune into these totally amazeballs films!!!

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Friday Favs: My Secrets for Silky Skin

People as me all the time,

“what do you do for your skin, it’s literally glowing!”

Well it’s your lucky day because you’re going to get the inside scoop, because not too long ago I was envying people with great skin. Keeping these secrets to myself is just selfish!

I’ll share my secrets for perfect complexion next friday… but today you’re going to learn how to have your BEST skin- glowing, silky smooth, ageless, & fresh! 

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